Crowning 2020

2020. That’s really all I need to say about the last year. For years to come, I’m sure when something completely, absurdly ridiculous happens, our response will be, “That is SO 2020.” And everyone will know exactly what we mean!

This year was chocked full of hard pathways. And many times we felt like we were on no less than 872 of those hard pathways simultaneously. There were moments when scarcity felt like more of the word to describe what pathways overflowed with. But hindsite. It really is 2020. (Honestly, the irony here is just…ironic)

Lost school days, lost sports seasons, lost lasts, lost celebrations, lost lost loved ones. So much loss filled so much of the first half of 2020. The second half allowed us to return to some normalcy, but still held challenges. But in all of it…the losses, the challenges, the uncertainty…there was abundance.

In this house, family game nights became a regular thing. Daily walks with my people (sometimes one with each of them!) became a regular and highly treasured addition. The loss of events meant the gift of time. The absence of busy invited more focus and intentionality. The slower pace, while sometimes a little maddening, allowed for rest and refreshing.

Was it hard? YES! Will we all very enthusiastically bid farewell to 2020? YES! Will we ever want a repeat? Absolutely not!! (2020, your name is Felicia, and I’m sayin’ BYE!)

But these pathways? They’ve pretty much all ended in abundance. You just have to choose to see what abundance means for that pathway. Ending this year? I’ll be surrounded by my people. That’s my bountiful harvest. Too often we define “abundance” and “bountiful harvest” in material or monetary terms. This year, more than ever, my abundance is in time well spent with my favorite people. My bountiful harvest is my people. The ones that share this house with me and the ones that share my heart.

We did it, y’all. We got out of 2020. Maybe a little bumped & bruised and maybe a little weary, but we did it! Happy 2021, everyone. Praying a year of abundance and bountiful harvests for you all!

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