After Resurrection Sunday

This last week my Bible study has had me in Exodus. Early in the week, I really thought it was a little “off” timing wise that the writers of this Bible Study laid out the plan to have Exodus following Resurrection Sunday. Why wouldn’t you stay in the New Testament and focus on the days post-resurrection?

But in the last few days, I’ve seen, at least for me, why God wanted me reading Exodus now. We spend Good Friday through Resurrection Sunday broken for the brutal way Jesus died, deeply grateful for what that cross means for us, thankful that Jesus defeated death, hell and the grave. And with a deeper realization of the depths of forgiveness and redemption that God so graciously gifted us.

But then we step into a new week. We still believe in all that the cross and the resurrection gift us. But as we go about life, we also can become so aware of how unworthy of the cross that we are. Then Exodus. Moses. He’s one of those heroes of the Bible that I can relate to in a lot of ways because he is human with a past full of failure, regret, mistakes, doubt, insecurity. And his story reminds me that the cross isn’t just about forgiveness. It’s about redemption.

Moses murdered an Egyptian and went into exile for 40 years. He surely thought the rest of his life would be separate from the Israelites tending his father in law’s livestock and crops. But then God called him to a burning bush. A murderer. Do you have a thing in your past that you think disqualifies you? Look back to the empty tomb. Jesus already defeated that.

Here’s the thing about Moses (and me, if I’m being honest). God called him by name and gave him an assignment despite what Moses felt was the greatest mistake of his life. He took the greatest pain of Moses’ life and redeemed it. Wouldn’t that be enough to make him just obey? But Moses inventoried all of his other shortcomings and fears standing in front of that burning bush talking to God…I stutter; the Israelites won’t believe me; Pharaoh will have me killed; I’m not worthy to do this. Y’all. He was in the very presence of God, hearing God’s audible voice and still questioned.

Can I be honest with you? This is me. No, I’ve never murdered anyone, but I’ve got things in my past that cause me to question if I’m worthy. Even though I’ve seen God redeem them and use them. I have insecurities that make me say, “Are you sure, God? Like really sure you’re talking to me?” And just like with Moses, God lovingly and patiently reassures me. Those things…all of them were redeemed when Jesus died on that cross then defeated all of the plans of the enemy.

Are you struggling to believe you’re qualified or worthy? Friend, God can handle your questions. Just like Moses, God will use the things and people in your daily life to speak reassurance to you. Are you hearing the direction, but gripped by insecurities? Look to that empty tomb. It doesn’t just symbolize the defeat of sin. That empty tomb means that all of the things you see as shortcomings have already been redeemed to work for good in the plan God has for you. He sees you just as you are…beautiful, worthy, able, redeemed. And He calls you by name.

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  1. Wonderful. This so moved me I shared it on Facebook. God bless you and your wonderful family!!!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻✝️✝️✝️

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