Talking to Jesus

As Mother’s Day approaches this year, I find myself more grateful than ever for the heritage of faith that my grandmother and mother have left for me. I’m thankful for their tireless prayers throughout my life that taught me to pray tirelessly for my kids.

We step into this Mother’s Day with my oldest just accepting a youth ministry internship for the summer, where he’ll further prepare for a future in ministry. A future rooted generations back in a mom, grandma and great-grandma’s prayers over his life.

I heard a song recently that, for me, is the perfect Mother’s Day song. It’s called simply “Talking to Jesus“. It speaks to the heritage of praying mamas and grandmas and the impact that has on future generations. When you listen to it, have a tissue or two handy.

That song also made me think about those that will sit in a church service or watching one virtually on Mother’s Day who don’t have that heritage. That mom who is first in the line of a heritage that will be passed down. Or that mom who is desperate for her lost child to be in church with her or just in church anywhere. Mama, hold tight. For the woman who would give anything to have a child to celebrate the weekend with and instill faith in, He sees you. And in your waiting, you’re becoming part of someone’s faith story because of how great your faith is.

For that mama who is the first, who is establishing the heritage for the future: your kids see it. They’re watching and learning. And as adults, they’ll talk about their faith as a gift you instilled that they will pass on. For the mama who is desperate for the lost child. Hold tight. Your prayers have not fallen on deaf ears. You may not see it or feel it, but they’ve reached the ears of the One, the only one, who loves your lost child more than you. And He can work things that seem impossible to you right now.

Whether the roots of your faith heritage extend back generations or are being firmly planted starting with you, this heritage is the greatest gift. That baby that you pray over as you rock him, that toddler that you pray over as you chase her. That elementary kiddo that is testing your boundaries and teaching you to pray for patience. That pre-teen with her newly found attitude. That teenager that fights going to church. That older child driving you to your knees as he decides if this faith is really for him. In every single phase, that son hears you, that daughter sees you. And they’re beginning to write their own faith story about how seeing YOU, mama, talking to Jesus is why they’ll cling to Jesus now, too.

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