Coffee Talk – Do Everything

Mugs Of Coffee On A Table Close Up

Do you ever get wrapped up in the mundane? The day-to-day? Do you ever wonder if the things in the everyday really matter.  Seriously, does it matter if they pile of laundry never gets folded? Do I really need to put on a happy face when cleaning dog puke (we’re out of the baby puke stages, so the dog makes sure I don’t forget what that’s like)? When I’m doing the laundry, cleaning the house, running the mom taxi around, doing my work…does a smile on my face matter?


Why? Because it’s all part of the life HE has blessed me with.  I love this song.  It’s such a good reminder that everything we do (even the gross, the mundane, the seemingly insignificant) should be done to His glory.  Will I always smile when there’s a big spill to clean up? Realistically, probably not.  But this is song is such a good reminder!  Do everything you do to the glory of the One who made you.  He delights in the little things.  And when we do too, He shines brighter through us!

Coffee Talk – Never Once

Mugs Of Coffee On A Table Close Up

We’ve walked through, and are still walking through, some pretty tough times with people close to us recently.  Sometimes there are just no words to say.  Nothing you say can make it better.  Nothing you say can even remove the sting.  But God is always there.  He’s never changed.  Never Once has He walked away.  He’s there.  He’s never gone.   Never once has He been taken by surprise.  Never once has He left.

Never Once.

Coffee Talk – Perfection is My Enemy

Mugs Of Coffee On A Table Close Up

So, here’s a confession, as I sip my coffee frapp.  I’m a perfectionist.  Not in everything.  But in enough things that it can really cause me to struggle sometimes.  I was square in the middle of that struggle the last couple of days.  Have you ever been there.  Why do we do that to ourselves? Why do we hold ourselves…and others…to a standard higher than even God holds us to? I needed this reminder today to hold myself to a standard of grace, not perfection.  Grace allows me those stumbles without condemnation.  Perfection, well, it just beats me down.  Grace.  In all things, grace.

Coffee Talk – I Hope You Dance

Mugs Of Coffee On A Table Close Up

This end of school year stuff makes me sentimental mess.  Our baby, our last child, is promoting from Kindergarten.  She’s giving us all of our “lasts”.  She’s my last to be in Kindergarten.  Something about this transition from Kinder to First makes me all too aware of how fast life is moving.

Our oldest, our first-born is leaving 6th grade.  He’s officially moving into Middle School (6th grade is its own campus here).  He’s giving us all of our firsts.  My first to hit middle school.  MIDDLE SCHOOL.  Y’all, I don’t even… He was just my baby.  And now he’s going into Middle School.  I feel so ill-prepared for this.  I know God has a plan and I know He will give me what I need to be this boy’s mother.  But there’s so much I don’t feel ready for.  Like I’m gonna fumble and punt my way through the next  few years.  We’re doing this growing up thing together.  Yes, I’m a grown up (although some would probably debate that).  But I’ve never raised up children at this age.  Sometimes I think I’m learning as much or more than they are.

But I hope that they, actually that WE, always dance.  I love this song.  It’s so my heart for my kids.  And for me.  In all of the busy, in all of the hurry, in all of the growing and fighting and loving, I hope we dance.