8th Grade Peterson Football vs. Boerne North – 10/19/2021

Hi Football Parents! I shifted to a new way to share photos with you that keeps my cost for storing photos minimal so that I can keep doing this as a hobby and not a job 😉

To view & download pictures, click on the following link: https://bethbateslife.shootproof.com/gallery/16360362

It will ask you to enter your email address in order to download photos, but I promise you won’t start receiving any kind of marketing emails. It’s just the way the site tells me who has downloaded pictures. Looking forward to wrapping up the season next week!

8th Grade Peterson Volleyball vs. Boerne South – 10/14/2021

I’ve shifted to a new format to share. And hopefully make it easier for you to download/save any photos you want.

Just follow this link to see the photos: https://bethbateslife.shootproof.com/gallery/16299907

NOTE: the only downside is that it requires you enter an email address to download the photos. It’s a setting I can’t turn off. I’m not going to do anything with the email addresses. I won’t add you to an email list or try to sell you anything 😉